Service & Inspection in partnership with Peninsula Sports Car Services:


The satisfaction of completing a purchase can be quickly diminished as reality is not quiet as hoped or problems occur.  Now ownership, or custodianship, is never a challenge free experience, the difference is your preparedness, expectations and attitude.

This can be helped greatly, initially through buying a good honest motorcar which suits your needs and budget both aesthetically and functionally but latterly via timely maintenance and improvement.

At Ecurie Historica and Peninsula Sports Car Services we also believe preparedness is a key factor to enjoyment.  Carrying appropriate spares and tools is good practice; knowing how to use them a must. Also having a blanket, sun protection and refreshment aboard is very good for your and passenger attitudes!

Joking aside we can discuss your intended purchase, make a pre-purchase assessment or, preferably, inspection, give a realistic forecast of longer term ownership costs and provide a service and maintenance schedule which suits your intended usage.

Peninsula Sports Car Services have a long history with predominantly British sports cars but work on most quality vehicles.  Geoff Morse and chief mechanic Richard Caller are also regularly called upon to give independent inspection by other local reputable dealers and individuals.

The team also prepare and maintain competition cars for a loyal base of owners and race their own projects.


We are more than happy to discuss your project so please get in touch.