Welcome to Ecurie Historica


The appreciation of motoring, engineering and design from a time past is one understood by a discerning few in these disposable times.


At Ecurie Historica, our objective is to facilitate enjoyable ownership of classic and vintage motorcars by guiding you through the purchase process, offering advice with the choice of a suitable car depending on your motivations and budget, and ensuring long term ownership lives up to expectations.


Grown from very rewarding long term personal ownership and maintenance of our own vehicles, gained through support of friends and knowledge of very experienced supporting businesses I devised Ecurie Historica.


Specialising in post war British manufacturers, especially Austin Healey and MG but with experience of Aston Martin and Jaguar, we aim to have for sale a small yet carefully chosen selection of the best usable cars.


We only offer motorcars we would be proud to own ourselves and look forward to your call.


Jeremy Rowles - Proprieter







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